Beautiful Bedroom

A couple of weeks ago everytime I’d walk into my bedroom I would rather walk straight back out of it than have to stand in it. It was cluttered, I felt like my clothes were taking over my room. My friends suggested not buying anymore clothes… They better have been joking. Instead I decided I wanted my room to be revamped and pampered. I had a strict budget and I did not want to spend over £450. I first took to looking at Pinterest because I just LOVE the stuff you can find on there. After hours searching I finally had an idea of what I wanted my room to look like. My first idea was to have my dressing table de-cluttered, I wanted it to look classy and for everything to have its own place. My shoes used to get shoved into separate boxes (organised into boots, trainers, heels etc. Obviously!) I now wanted them neatly lined up on shelves, just like how Kylie Jenner has hers . Now with my other ideas, I’m sure you’d rather me show you than me carry on babbling on! 

So there you have it my undies draw, as I had to cram everything all into one draw I had to think about how I was going to organise them all. After going into idea I found white cardboard boxes that also came with dividers (Around £3 each). These worked perfectly and now even inside my draws look neat. 

I fell in love when I saw this free standing mirror from (£49.99). This mirror is perfect, there are so many little shelves and hooks to put all your jewellery on, there is a cute little lock to keep it from coming open and you can adjust the angle of the mirror, which is great when you’re a tall girl like me who wants to see her whole outfit. Buying this mirror also meant that my jewellery wasn’t just lying around my room or in ugly jewellery boxes. 

So my Kylie Jenner style shoe organisation didn’t come at a celebrity price thankfully. The shelves were £10 each from IKEA and the LED plug lights I used were from B&M for only £14.99! My shoes are now nicely organised and make my room feel more tidy. 

I went a little crazy with the lights around my room but it now feels so cosy in here. My makeup is nicely organised, my hair products are neatly tucked away into zebra print boxes, my perfumes now stand in a draw, next to my dressing table. Everything in my room has a place and I hope I can keep it like this because I really am loving my new classy bedroom. 


  • Dressing Table: IKEA Micke Desk, £60 
  • Chest of draws: IKEA Malm 4 draws, £59
  • Chest of draws: IKEA Brimnes 4 draws, £55
  • Silver frame mirror: The Range, £14.99 
  • Chest/Trunkie: The Range, £39.99
  • Curtain tie backs: B&M, £3.99 each
  • Globe lights: , £34.99
  • Glitter wallpaper: Homebase, £14.99 a roll

If there’s anything you see that I haven’t listed feel free to message me and I’ll do my best to find out where it’s from and how much it was. 

Until next time,

MollCoco xoxo