Bare Minerals BareSkin 

So I just ordered this Bare Minerals BareSkin 3 Piece introductory collection from at a price of £26.10 (On Sale)

The shade I went for was Bare Shell, the first time I used this collection I wasn’t too keen. The foundation doesn’t give as much coverage as other foundations that I have used – (Estée Lauder Double Wear / Rimmel Stay Matte)

After not giving up the first time I used it, I decided to try the collection again. This time my view had changed, the foundation covered my bumps and dark circles whilst keeping that no-makeup feel. As I have freckles all over my face I usually choose to cover them up as I feel they don’t suit me, my Bare Minerals foundation doesn’t cover my freckles but does make me feel more confident showing them off. The foundation isn’t long lasting so using a primer and a fixing spray is a must. 

Hopefully it won’t run out very fast as the tiniest blob goes a long way. The powder is a bit messy but once you have gained control and don’t use too much it works wonders. The powder gives that flawless finish and blurs any imperfections on my face – which I love! 

The brush that comes with the collection is so soft and it features a ‘fluid reservoir’ which makes application easy. I wouldn’t wear this foundation on a night out purely down to the fact that I like my freckles more hidden but I love this foundation for a more natural day look. 

My freckles are beginning to grow on me and I love them on other people but they are just something that I haven’t liked since I was a little girl. I have been trying multiple foundations, trying to find one that covers my freckles perfectly – my favourite so far is my Estée Lauder double wear foundation. When I am more on a budget makeup shop I turn to Rimmel’s Stay Matte foundation. This Bare Minerals foundation and powder do make my freckles look pretty and I will continue to wear them as they are making me feel more confident in my own skin. 

“A face without freckles is like a sky without stars” 

Please check out my short video of me using my Bare Minerals Collection on my Instagram – MollCocoBlog 

(Starting my YouTube channel soon where a slightly longer video will be added, so I’ll keep you in the loop!)

Until next time,

MollCoco xoxo