Here are just some of my outfits that I have created on Polyvore – cowpermolly 

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Fashion Prescription

One of my favourite new obsessions is Fashion Prescription! If you’re wanting to fill up your winter wardrobe without breaking the bank then this is the place to go. In the picture above are some of my favourites which I will definitely be purchasing on pay day. I love their sassy style and the price tags that are attached.

Since I love all of my fabulous readers use my discount code COWPER5 for 5% off at Fashion Prescription. 


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October Glossybox 2015 

Late Blog, Sorry!!

I had received this box a couple of weeks ago but have only just got round to having the time to try and review the products. I wasn’t hugely wowed by this months products however I am loving that they are giving full-sized items. I have been receiving Glossyboxes for a few months now and they make me feel like it’s Christmas everytime they arrive. 

The first item I was really excited to use was the Nicka K Blending Sponge (¬£6.50). I have been wanting to purchase one of these for ages but have never got round to buying one. The sponge once damped with water is very easy to use and blends in my foundation flawlessly. When the sponge isn’t damp it is very hard and sucks up all the foundation so make sure to dampen before use. 

So Susan Highlighting Pencil (¬£15.00) The main use that I have for this product is to highlight below my brow line. Another place I like using this pencil is either the inner corner of my eye or along my lower lash line. By doing this it makes my eyes look bigger and more awake. I haven’t used the pencil much as I prefer to go for a darker eye look but when I am going for a more natural look it is first in my makeup bag. 

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara (¬£17.95) I was quite disappointed by this product. For the price it is marketed at I expected the mascara to be a lot better. It hardly adds any length and appears to only make my lashes darker. However the packaging and look of this mascara is something I do really like. 
Talika Photo-Hydra Day (¬£24.85) I hold my hands up to only having used this product once. The smell is awesome and it is a very light and soft liquid. After applying this product my face felt a little bit softer and would be good to use as a primer before applying makeup. I probably wouldn’t purchase the product again once it runs out as I feel that it doesn’t visibly do anything for me. Slightly over priced I think and I also think that there are cheaper products on the market that do a better job. 

Lanolips 101 Ointment (¬£10.99) This is probably one of the only products I would buy again from this Glossybox. The balm is thick and it is a little struggle to get out of the tube, as you only need the smallest blob that problem is quickly forgotten. After applying onto my lips I always have some left over even after I have used a little. The balm makes my lips lovely and glossy, no lipstick is needed – they look great without. When I have cracked lips I apply the balm and those cracks are completely forgotten about. The only warning I would give to anyone using this product, is be careful when that wind is blowing and your hair flys onto your lips, when your hair is stuck on the balm its not a great look – Trust me! 

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Bare Minerals BareSkin 

So I just ordered this Bare Minerals BareSkin 3 Piece introductory collection from FeelUnique.com at a price of £26.10 (On Sale)

The shade I went for was Bare Shell, the first time I used this collection I wasn’t too keen. The foundation doesn’t give as much coverage as other foundations that I have used – (Est√©e Lauder Double Wear / Rimmel Stay Matte)

After not giving up the first time I used it, I decided to try the collection again. This time my view had changed, the foundation covered my bumps and dark circles whilst keeping that no-makeup feel. As I have freckles all over my face I usually choose to cover them up as I feel they don’t suit me, my Bare Minerals foundation doesn’t cover my freckles but does make me feel more confident showing them off. The foundation isn’t long lasting so using a primer and a fixing spray is a must. 

Hopefully it won’t run out very fast as the tiniest blob goes a long way. The powder is a bit messy but once you have gained control and don’t use too much it works wonders. The powder gives that flawless finish and blurs any imperfections on my face – which I love! 

The brush that comes with the collection is so soft and it features a ‘fluid reservoir’ which makes application easy. I wouldn’t wear this foundation on a night out purely down to the fact that I like my freckles more hidden but I love this foundation for a more natural day look. 

My freckles are beginning to grow on me and I love them on other people but they are just something that I haven’t liked since I was a little girl. I have been trying multiple foundations, trying to find one that covers my freckles perfectly – my favourite so far is my Est√©e Lauder double wear foundation. When I am more on a budget makeup shop I turn to Rimmel’s Stay Matte foundation. This Bare Minerals foundation and powder do make my freckles look pretty and I will continue to wear them as they are making me feel more confident in my own skin. 

“A face without freckles is like a sky without stars” 

Please check out my short video of me using my Bare Minerals Collection on my Instagram – MollCocoBlog 

(Starting my YouTube channel soon where a slightly longer video will be added, so I’ll keep you in the loop!)

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Hair Extensions DIY

I’ve worn hair extensions for a good 3/4 years now. I started with your basic clip ins, I then discovered Halo extensions, then nano loops, then micro loops but now I wear what I like to call a Micro Weave. 

After being bored of micro loops and them knotting my hair after they had been taken out, I decided to try and find some new hair extensions. The only extensions I could find that I hadn’t tried were Easi Locks, which costed more than what I wanted to pay. I had a sudden rush of imagination, what if I combined micro loops with my clip ins. Instead of using clips I had the idea of using the micro loops. I’ve now been wearing my ‘Micro Weave’ for 3 months now. They are the best extensions I’ve worn, I can create the thickness I want, they are cheap to buy and easy to put in and take out if I wanted to. 

I went down to my local hair extension shop (GiGi’s) they matched my hair colour and picked out the length that I wanted (14″ to look more natural). The colour matched perfectly to my hair, as I was only purchasing the hair alone it came to under ¬£30 – Real human Indian remy hair extensions. I ordered the micro bonds online and they were no more than ¬£3 including delivery. I wear three rows in my hair, each row has double thickness. The only difficulty with these hair extensions is sewing on the micro loops to the hair – This does take time but once this is done, inserting the hair extensions is quick and easy. I would love to one day be able to make the extensions and sell them on, I have looked online and haven’t been able to find any ready-made ‘Micro Weaves’. If anyone does locate these, I’d love to hear about it, because it would save me the effort of sewing them on!;) 

My hair was in very poor condition due to bleaching my hair, after applying coconut oil to it once or twice a week it was like my hair was reborn. I still apply hair masks to my hair as often as I can, as the extensions don’t slip about, I can apply deep conditioning masks to my hair without having to worry that they will become loose. 

Any questions feel free to get in touch ‚̧ԳŹ

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Beautiful Bedroom

A couple of weeks ago everytime I’d walk into my bedroom I would rather walk straight back out of it than have to stand in it. It was cluttered, I felt like my clothes were taking over my room. My friends suggested not buying anymore clothes… They better have been joking. Instead I decided I wanted my room to be revamped and pampered. I had a strict budget and I did not want to spend over ¬£450. I first took to looking at Pinterest because I just LOVE the stuff you can find on there. After hours searching I finally had an idea of what I wanted my room to look like. My first idea was to have my dressing table de-cluttered, I wanted it to look classy and for everything to have its own place. My shoes used to get shoved into separate boxes (organised into boots, trainers, heels etc. Obviously!) I now wanted them neatly lined up on shelves, just like how Kylie Jenner has hers . Now with my other ideas, I’m sure you’d rather me show you than me carry on babbling on! 

So there you have it my undies draw, as I had to cram everything all into one draw I had to think about how I was going to organise them all. After going into idea I found white cardboard boxes that also came with dividers (Around ¬£3 each). These worked perfectly and now even inside my draws look neat. 

I fell in love when I saw this free standing mirror from 24Studio.co.uk (¬£49.99). This mirror is perfect, there are so many little shelves and hooks to put all your jewellery on, there is a cute little lock to keep it from coming open and you can adjust the angle of the mirror, which is great when you’re a tall girl like me who wants to see her whole outfit. Buying this mirror also meant that my jewellery wasn’t just lying around my room or in ugly jewellery boxes. 

So my Kylie Jenner style shoe organisation didn’t come at a celebrity price thankfully. The shelves were ¬£10 each from IKEA and the LED plug lights I used were from B&M for only ¬£14.99! My shoes are now nicely organised and make my room feel more tidy. 

I went a little crazy with the lights around my room but it now feels so cosy in here. My makeup is nicely organised, my hair products are neatly tucked away into zebra print boxes, my perfumes now stand in a draw, next to my dressing table. Everything in my room has a place and I hope I can keep it like this because I really am loving my new classy bedroom. 


  • Dressing Table: IKEA Micke Desk, ¬£60 
  • Chest of draws: IKEA Malm 4 draws, ¬£59
  • Chest of draws: IKEA Brimnes 4 draws, ¬£55
  • Silver frame mirror: The Range, ¬£14.99 
  • Chest/Trunkie: The Range, ¬£39.99
  • Curtain tie backs: B&M, ¬£3.99 each
  • Globe lights: 24Studio.co.uk , ¬£34.99
  • Glitter wallpaper: Homebase, ¬£14.99 a roll

If there’s anything you see that I haven’t listed feel free to message me and I’ll do my best to find out where it’s from and how much it was. 

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Newbie to the blogging world

If we met in a little coffee shop round the corner, how would you introduce yourself? 

Hi, I’m Molly Cowper, aspiring to be an interior designer & Photographer. I love fashion, beauty and food (even though I’m a VERY picky eater). I’d love it if you would check out my Instagram account: MollCocoBlog , I’m sorry it’s very empty at the moment but I’ll be sure to fill it up soon enough. 

Now I’d love to hear from you, yes you! – mollcocoblog@gmail.com

I’m literally up for trying anything you want to throw at me! Eggs on hair? Done it, Water diet? Tried it, wearing anything but black? Working on it… I will be posting all my outcomes even if they’re unsuccessful.

Thought I’d keep this entry short and sweet. I look forward to showing you all aspects of my life, no secrets I pinky promise. 

Until next time, 

Mollcoco xoxo